Microsoft Added a New Button to the ‘Keyboard’ After three Decades

Microsoft has introduced a new surprise button to the Windows ‘keyboard’, the first change to the device in nearly three decades.

The addition of the ‘Co-Pilot button’ to the keyboard was announced on Thursday. Microsoft is currently investing billions of dollars in artificial intelligence to equip its products with advanced technology.

The technological company’s addition of a new button to provide a Co-Pilot service indicates the company’s clear ambitions for artificial intelligence computers.

These machines run on state-of-the-art chips capable of running large language models and technology-driven apps directly on the device rather than in the cloud.

Analysts say the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) PCs could get the personal computer market back on track, which has been in a slump since the coronavirus pandemic.

Research firm Canalys expects the demand for PCs with artificial intelligence capabilities to increase significantly after 2025.

Microsoft says the button will be on the keyboard of some new Windows 11 PCs, and will also be unveiled at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas later this month.

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