The Funniest Reactions to Jubal Phone Pranks

Are you a fan of prank calls? If so, then you’ve probably heard of Jubal phone pranks. This Seattle-based radio host has been entertaining his listeners for years with his hilarious and outrageous prank calls. But what makes these pranks truly special are the reactions they elicit from their unsuspecting victims. From anger to confusion to outright laughter, the responses to Jubal’s phone pranks are nothing short of priceless. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the funniest reactions to Jubal’s phone pranks and take a closer look at how he creates such memorable moments through his unique sense of humour and quick wit. So sit back, relax and get ready for some serious laughs!

Jubal Phone Pranks

Jubal Phone Pranks have become a staple in the world of radio and comedy. For those who are unfamiliar, Jubal Flagg is a comedian and radio personality known for his hilarious phone pranks where he calls unsuspecting individuals and engages them in ridiculous conversations. The best part? The people on the other end of the line have no idea they’re being pranked.

Jubal Phone Pranks have evolved over time, with new characters and scenarios introduced regularly to keep things fresh. Some of his most popular pranks include “Old Frank,” an elderly man who can’t hear well and constantly misunderstands what Jubal is saying, and “Dial Tones,” where Jubal plays various sound effects to confuse the person on the other end of the line.

What really sets Jubal apart from other pranksters is his ability to make even the most uncomfortable situations laugh-out-loud funny. Whether he’s pretending to be a confused tourist asking for directions or a clueless employee trying to sell an absurd product, Jubal always manages to bring hilarity into every situation.

It’s no surprise that thousands of people tune in every day just to hear one of his phone pranks. From young adults commuting home from work or school, all eager for some laughs after a long day – there truly seems to be something special about listening along as someone else gets their leg pulled by none-other than jubilant companion himself: Mr Jubals!

The Reactions to Jubal’s Phone Pranks

Jubal’s phone pranks are known for their hilarious and unpredictable nature. They have been a source of laughter for many people who enjoy listening to them on the radio or online. However, what makes these pranks truly special is the reactions they elicit from their unsuspecting victims.

From shock and confusion to anger and frustration, Jubal’s phone pranks always manage to evoke strong emotions from those on the other end of the line. Some people try to play along with Jubal, thinking that they are talking to a real person, while others immediately catch on and hang up in disbelief.

The reactions also vary depending on the type of prank being played. For instance, when Jubal pretends to be someone famous like Drake or Justin Bieber, some fans can’t contain their excitement and express how much they love them. On the other hand, when he calls a fast-food restaurant pretending to be an angry customer who didn’t receive their order correctly, employees often become defensive and argumentative.

Regardless of the reaction though, one thing is certain: Jubal’s phone pranks always leave people laughing out loud long after they’re over!

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The Origins of Jubal’s Phone Pranks

Jubal’s Phone Pranks have become a staple in the radio industry, but where did it all start? The origins of Jubal’s Phone Pranks can be traced back to his early days as a DJ. Jubal always had a fascination for pranking people and making them laugh, so he began to incorporate that into his on-air segments.

At first, Jubal would simply make prank phone calls to random people and record their reactions. As time went on, he began to develop different characters and scenarios for each call. He would often enlist the help of his co-hosts to play various roles in the prank calls.

Jubal’s Phone Pranks quickly became one of the most popular segments on his show, with listeners tuning in specifically for those hilarious moments. It wasn’t long before other radio stations took notice and started incorporating similar segments into their own shows.

Today, Jubal’s Phone Pranks remain just as popular as ever. With hundreds of pranks under his belt and an endless supply of creative ideas, there seems to be no end in sight for this comedic genius.

The Different Types of Jubal’s Phone Pranks

Jubal’s phone pranks come in various forms, each one more hilarious and outrageous than the last. From impersonating celebrities to pretending to be a long-lost relative, Jubal has quite the repertoire of prank calls up his sleeve.

One classic type of Jubal’s prank call is when he poses as an over-the-top salesman trying to sell something unusual, such as a personal submarine or a time machine. He uses his quick wit and improvisation skills to keep the unsuspecting victim on the line while hilariously pitching them on what is clearly not real.

Another popular form of Jubal’s phone pranks involves him pretending to be someone else entirely. Whether it’s an annoying neighbour, an aggressive telemarketer or even a loved one with some shocking news, he expertly takes on different voices and personalities that never fail to elicit laughs from listeners.

Jubal also enjoys making absurd requests or accusations during his prank calls. This could include asking for bizarre food orders at restaurants or blaming people for completely random things they had nothing to do with.
There are countless types of Jubal’s phone pranks out there waiting for you to listen and laugh along with – just make sure you’re ready for some seriously funny entertainment!

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The Reaction to Jubal’s Phone Pranks

Jubal’s phone pranks are always hilarious to listen to, but what about the reactions of the people on the other end of the line? It’s safe to say that their responses are just as entertaining as Jubal’s jokes.

Some people react with confusion, trying to figure out if they’re actually talking to a real person or just a recording. Others become angry and frustrated when they realize they’ve been duped by Jubal’s clever disguises and outrageous claims. And then there are those who can’t help but laugh along with Jubal, even when he pushes their buttons.

One thing is for sure: no matter how each person reacts, it always adds another layer of humour to an already funny situation. However, we cannot deny that these reactions demonstrate how much we all need a good laugh every now and then.

Whether you’re listening in your car during your morning commute or sharing clips with friends online, the reaction of each unsuspecting victim is what makes Jubal’s phone pranks so memorable and enjoyable. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some seriously entertaining responses from people who had no idea what was coming their way!


Jubal’s phone pranks have gained immense popularity over the years. His ability to make people laugh through his hilarious and witty conversations is remarkable. The reactions of his victims are priceless, and it’s evident that he has a unique talent for improvisation.