Bitcoin Chart in the weekly time frame, Looks quite good all. as the price is Moving in a Parallel ascending channel.
Price is trying to provide us Upside Breakout from this ascending channel. but it gets failed being rejected from the Resistance.
t is just the Silence before the Storm. we may see a Normal Dump in the Upcoming days.
But they are also necessary, as these Mini Dumps provide us more Power in our upcoming Pumps.


The market remains stagnant and Bitcoin is not experiencing any significant changes. The bears are exerting pressure to pull down the price below the $40,000 level. It is possible that the market will undergo a correction, therefore it is advisable to use tight stop-loss measures for all open positions.


  1. Current Bitcoin Price:
    Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,843.51, showing a slight recovery.
  2. Recent Dip to Near $40K:
    Despite a recent drop of over 7%, Bitcoin is displaying signs of recovery from its worst daily drawdown since August.
  3. Expert Views on Market Dynamics:
    Analysts, including Will Clemente, suggest that the pullback is a healthy market correction, establishing a stronger foundation for future growth.
  4. Purpose of Market Corrections:
    These corrections are deemed necessary for clearing out excessive leverage and ‘weak hands,’ contributing to a more sustainable market.
  5. Impact of Liquidations:
    The decline triggered over $520 million in leveraged trading position liquidations, marking one of the largest liquidation events in recent times.
  6. Broader Crypto Market Effect:
    Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, XRP, and Dogecoin, also experienced losses, but some altcoins demonstrated resilience.
  7. Optimism for Year-End Rally:
    Market strategists maintain a bullish outlook, anticipating a recovery and a rally to new highs by the end of the year.
  8. Mixed Performance in Altcoins:
    While major cryptocurrencies saw drops, some meme tokens and others like BNB, AVAX, and TIA recorded gains.
  9. Massive Liquidations Across Exchanges:
    The market witnessed substantial liquidations on platforms such as OKX, Binance, and Huobi.

Bitcoin made its bearish structure and gave a rejection from the Major Support Zone too. On 4H TF, the price making lower lows and have to see if the next daily candle closes below the zone too. In case it is, this will reflect the strong bearish sign in the market. Well, it’s already a rejection happening, so we can trust a little bit.


Bitcoin made a sweep of liquidity of the previous Higher High and range below the Resistance too. Price gave a sharp down, which was already mentioned and expected normally. Price straightaway moved into Major Support Zone of $40,800 – $42,000 and below it. Well, the momentum turning bearish and daily closing below $43,300 will create a bearish Market Structure.


Bitcoin has failed to break the trading range resistance and its price continues to move sideways. Altcoins are showing good rallies, so it’s recommended to book profit and increase stop loss in open positions.

Support Area: $40,000-$42,000

Resistance Area: $45,000


Bitcoin is trying to break the small sideways trading range. Let’s see if the price is able to break and hold above this small resistance area. As said altcoins are pumping hard and better to increase your stop loss and book some profits in open positions.


Liquidations in the market over the last 24 hours, CoinGlass: ~55K traders, totalling ~$157M – 25% long positions and 75% shorts.

According to the $49M liquidations in Bitcoin, many were waiting for a bounce down from 45K to correct and start any decline That’s the main problem, it’s likely to move sideways, taking out short-term margin positions in both directions while letting altcoins grow.

so far we are moving within the scenario and the sidewall is forming between 45-43K. This is likely the range in which it will move in the near future. An exit in one direction or the other will indicate further movement.

If we break above 45K – we will continue the upward movement along the previously mentioned marks to 48K and 52K.

Fall below 43K – we will see a short-term correction to 40K, in the worst case, to 38K.


Bitcoin goes as predicted, the price gave a clean break below the pattern and did a retest. Price again dumped near tp the same level and formed range/ pattern too. We can expect the same, by which breakout will lead the next direction. Overall, we can expect a healthy correction to $42,000.


Bitcoin continues its massive pump to the upside and hit the next strong resistance area of $44,000 – $45,000. Price again reacted to the zone and might pull back a bit. Well, in this case, it’s completely bullish. Well, in Daily TF, it might pull back to some except around $42,000, which will be a healthy retracement.


Bitcoin gave a slightly push to the upside and gave an exact or nearly closing at the top of the Resistance Area. Price is been strongly bullish at this point, so expect a breakout by the weekend. If corrects itself, it will the healthy for the market.


Bitcoin has recently entered a major resistance zone, which has resulted in a significant number of sell orders. This situation may lead to heavy selling in the market. However, if Bitcoin manages to maintain its position above $40,000, we may witness a mini bull run in altcoins. It’s important to note that the major resistance level is at $42,000.



BITCOIN on Weekly TF, surpassing the resistance area giving a strong indication of bullishness in the market. If this Weekly Candle closes above the zone, then a retest back to the level is expected and the next impulsive move to the upside with the buyer’s confidence.

Bitcoin’s price is currently increasing and approaching a significant resistance area. Because of this, there may be a significant amount of selling pressure at this level. However, if BTC can maintain a sideways movement near the resistance level, there is potential for positive upward movement in altcoins. The support and resistance levels are expected to remain unchanged.




BITCOIN made a minor consolidation over the small range and broke above it. The price hits the $39,000 mark, and sustains above it, which is considered bullish. Well, a weekly closing is also equally important to us. The next resistance is at the physiological level at $40,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to stay above the $38,000 mark, which is a positive sign. This could lead to favourable upward movement in altcoins, as traders have a positive sentiment towards them. The Fear and Greed Index is currently at 72, indicating that there is still room for further upward movement. We may see a rejection from the major resistance area.


BTC didn’t goes as expected and now pumping, printed the new Higher High. A daily closing above the $38,000 will the strongly bullish for the market and will send the #BTC next resistance around $40,000 which is also a physiological level.

BTC Update – 4h Timeframe

BTC is making an ascending triangle pattern which will be broken upside by the range of $41,000. There is a very high selling pressure at the current price being the top for everyone shorting.
But buyers are looking more stronger than sellers, so shorts would be wrecked very soon.

Volume in the market can be seen in a positive increasing order, which will overall support our analysis.

I am anticipating a price around the range of 41,500$ (in this upcoming week) 43k being the weekly resistance for BTC would help in a change of character to take place

I only do one side analysis


Bitcoin Dominance bounced from the support area. This is the reason altcoins are facing some selling pressure. We may see a move towards the resistance area and let’s see how Bitcoin Dominance reacts there.

Local Support: 50.70-50.80%

Major Support: 47.80-49.00%

Resistance: 54.00-54.40%

Bitcoin again attempted to print the new Higher High but failed and made a very tiny range after the sweep of the previous highs and liq. levels. Today is the monthly closing and it’s a strong bullish one but also tapped into the Resistance area, so deeper retracements are expected now.


Bitcoin has broken above a resistance area and is attempting to hold above it. If it does, we may see a move towards the next resistance area. The support level remains the same.

Support Area: $34,700-$35,000

Major Resistance Area: $40,000-$42,000


BTC didn’t change a lot but the price just made a minor correction over the up-move. The price might give a bearish structure break below the zone, so just keep an eye on this if Daily Candle closes below the $37,000 mark.

Over 83.6% of the Bitcoin circulating supply is in profit, being the highest level since November 2021 (near the ATH). More than 16.366 million BTC are currently in profit.


BTC experienced a bullish weekly candle close, yet faced rejection at the horizontal resistance of the ascending triangle. The RSI is trending towards the oversold region, indicating potential consolidation within the triangle until a definitive breakout occurs.